Website Introduction



  1. Enhancing Student Success: Empower Silicon Valley Campus students with essential campus information, valuable learning resources, and content crucial for their success in the tech field.
  2. Fostering Community Interaction: Establish an interactive communication and collaborative learning platform where students can pose questions, receive answers, and engage in discussions throughout their educational journey.

Tech Stack

  • Frontend: React, chosen for its efficient, component-based architecture that enhances user experiences.
  • Backend:
    • Express: Personally developed by me, focusing on efficient and scalable server-side solutions. This backend serves as a critical part of the project’s infrastructure, showcasing my expertise in handling complex server-side operations.
    • Django: Developed by other team members, offering similar functionalities. My role included ensuring seamless integration and compatibility between the Express and Django backends, reflecting my skills in collaborative development and system integration.
  • Deployment: AWS with CI/CD integration for seamless, scalable deployment.

Key Features

  • Secure User Authentication: Implemented JWT-based authentication, cookie-specific, and tailored for northeastern email users, ensuring robust security and data integrity.
  • Resourceful Content Delivery: A comprehensive guide to campus life and academic resources, aiding students in navigating their educational paths.
  • Interactive User Engagement: Facilities for user-generated content, including posts and nested comments, encourage active community participation.
  • Elegant Content Presentation: Markdown format rendering allows for clear, structured content delivery.
  • Consistent UI/UX: Utilization of MaterialUI for a consistent, interactive user interface design.

Each feature is carefully crafted to enhance the user experience, demonstrating my ability to translate user needs into functional design elements.

Tools and Libraries Used

  • Security and Authentication, Validation: bcrypt, cookie-parser, cors, jsonwebtoken, formik, yup
  • Data Handling and Storage: mongoose, multer, nodemailer, cloudinary
  • UI/UX Design: @emotion/react, @mui/material, react-syntax-highlighter

Personal Contribution

As the lead developer of this project, I spearheaded the front-end design while coordinating closely with the backend team. My role was pivotal in ensuring a seamless integration of the front and back end, demonstrating my skills in full-stack development and team collaboration.

Challenges and Learnings

One significant challenge was optimizing the user authentication process. By implementing JWT and refining the cookie-based system, I ensured a secure yet user-friendly login experience. This experience enhanced my expertise in cybersecurity and user interface design.