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How I use launchd to automate my routine task?

Introduction This blog discusses how I utilize launchd to automatically schedule and execute tasks in the background, freeing me from the burden of daily routine tasks. I have two daily routine tasks. The first task is to synchronize my running data from a running app to a web page that displays my running records. This involves performing a set of git operations every day after I finish running. The second task is to sync my Obsidian vault using git, which allows me to access the same progress on the vault across laptops or desktops.

Blog Introduction

I have benefited from blogs of many predecessors for many years. Although I have always wanted a platform for personal reflection and communication, my writing ability is limited, so my blog posts are stored locally. Sometimes I buy a domain and build a website, and move some blog posts online. I will cover topics as follows. The best way to learn is to write it down and explain clearly to others, and I hope to gain more from it.

Word List 2

coalesce: come together to form one mass or whole. The puddles had coalesced into a small stream. curated: carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized or presented. individuals still desire curated news content. stick around: remain in or near a place. I’d like to stick around and watch the game. extravaganza: an elaborate and spectacular entertainment or production. A three-hour extravaganza of country music. dalliance: a casual (brief) romantic or sexual relationship.